Episode 1: Turning Arrogance and Laziness into Successful Entrepreneurship

In this episode of the Grow Your Damn Business! podcast, we talk to Rick Maher, the CEO and Founder of Turning Point HCM, a fractional HR consulting firm. Rick shares his insights on how to effectively delegate as a business owner with a sales background, and how to avoid the shiny object syndrome.

Rick says that the key to effective delegation is to find people who are better at the tasks you’re delegating than you are. He also emphasizes the importance of setting clear expectations and providing regular feedback.

Shiny object syndrome is a common problem for business owners, and it can be a major obstacle to growth, says Rick. He recommends that business owners focus on their core competencies and resist the temptation to chase every new trend.

Listen in to learn more about how to effectively delegate, avoid shiny object syndrome, and grow your business.

What You Will Discover:

  • 00:00 Turning Arrogance and Laziness into Successful Entrepreneurship
  • 01:46 How Turning Point HCM helps business owners release day-to-day HR issues pressure.
  • 03:42 Why Rick credits arrogance and laziness as the reasons he’s an entrepreneur.
  • 07:25 He describes his biggest mistake as failing to understand his leadership role earlier.
  • 12:05 How to delegate effectively in a way that avoids baiting and switching the client.
  • 16:05 The danger of having the shiny object syndrome earlier in the business.
  • 21:02 Turning Point HCM’s forward-thinking plan to scale and possibly exit in the future.
  • 26:30 The hard transition from being in the business to being on the business.
  • 30:00 The five quick questions with Rick!

About Rick Maher

Rick Maher is the CEO and Visionary of TurningPoint Human Capital Management. Turning Point is a fractional Human Resources firm which has served more than 2,000 businesses across the country. Those businesses are in 65 different industries and in 48 states.

The company goal is to relieve the pressure valve that builds in business in business owners whenever day to day HR issues pop up.

All of the clients of Turning Point HCM look exactly the same. They are:

First or second generation family businesses

They have 10- 500 employees

Revenues of $1m-$25m

The problems Turning Point solves for these clients fall into 4 buckets/categories.

  • Compliance
  • Employee Issues
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Strategic Organizational Development

Rick’s sales career started in 1993 where he spent 17 years in direct B2B sales selling Employee Benefits. He was a hunter who “ate what he killed ”. This was true front-line experience and it sharpened his sales skills to help him stay ahead of the pack.

In 2010 he walked away to start Turning Point HCM. He had one uncompromising truth with which he built his business. An aligned and replicable sales process when combined with a mature customer service approach will help him build Turning Point into the national player they are today.

Rick considers himself a sales scientist. He loves the process of looking toward the future of selling/buying and constantly adjusts to meet changing times.

Connect with Rick:

5 Fast Questions

New York Mets

Chicken Parmesan

His boat


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