Episode 11: From Boardroom to Yoga Mat: A Corporate Leader’s Journey to Entrepreneurship

Episode Highlights

[1:10] Transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurship

[4:39] Lessons learned during the transition to the yoga studio

[10:05] Using his unique abilities, finding a business partner and team members

[13:12] Taking bold moves and venturing into a second business: sound bowl business

[19:18] Integrating work with personal fulfillment

[23:18] Ryan’s role in TDF™ Test

[27:06] Exploring business ventures and decision-making processes

[32:24] Franchising and other considerations for the future

[34:37] Rapid fire five questions

[38:06] How to reach Ryan

[38:30] Outro

About Ryan Stanley

Ryan Stanley is a CPA turned entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and sound healer. He is the co-owner/CEO of the Soul of Yoga, a yoga studio and teacher training institute in Encinitas, CA; Sacred Sound of the Soul, a sound healing and meditation music company with showrooms in Sedona, AZ and Encinitas, CA; and TDF International, a change management consultancy.

Ryan balances his family, business, and service to others with passion and joy. He leads training programs at the Soul of Yoga with his partners and teachers worldwide. He is always learning new things about yoga, meditation, music, and sound healing.

Connect with Ryan

Website: https://tdftest.com/

Website: https://soulofyoga.com/

Website: https://sacredsoundofthesoul.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanstanley001/

5 Fast Questions

Phoenix Suns


Fiji or Japan

Pulp Fiction or Shark Tank

"The things I need to change about myself, which I thought were jumping off the cliff, were a mere step off of the curb"





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Meet our Host

Scott has an entrepreneurial spirit that’s been burning since his teenage years. Back then, he was mowing lawns, managing paper routes, and selling greeting cards door to door – always finding different ways to put some cash in his pocket! After graduating college, Scott had a successful career in sales and operations leadership, but his desire to be a business owner was never far from his heart. Seven years ago, he and his wife, Jenn, took the plunge and started their own business. Like many others, they spent all their time on the struggle bus – dealing with cash flow, payroll, and questioning whether their doors could even stay open. Ultimately, they persevered and learned some incredibly valuable lessons along the way.

Now, Scott is dedicated to helping others avoid the pitfalls he faced, fulfilling his purpose as a coach, and helping owners and teams achieve their dreams. When he’s not guiding businesses toward success, Scott can be found hitting the gym, on the golf course, or racking up miles on his Peloton.

As an EOS Implementer, Scott is passionate about helping business owners build a solid foundation and clear vision, empowering them to achieve growth, balance, and financial freedom – all while enjoying the ride.

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