Episode 11: Ryan Stanley’s Entrepreneurial Journey: From Corporate to Purpose-Driven Ventures

Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

Ryan Stanley, a seasoned entrepreneur, shared his journey from the corporate world to various entrepreneurial ventures on Scott Goodrich’s “Grow Your Damn Business” podcast. His pivotal moment came when he participated in a program called Personal Mastery, prompting him to reevaluate his goals and pursue more personally fulfilling endeavors.

Episode Highlights

[1:10] Transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurship

[4:39] Lessons learned during the transition to the yoga studio

[10:05] Using his unique abilities, finding a business partner and team members

[13:12] Taking bold moves and venturing into a second business: sound bowl business

[19:18] Integrating work with personal fulfillment

[23:18] Ryan’s role in TDF™ Test

[27:06] Exploring business ventures and decision-making processes

[32:24] Franchising and other considerations for the future

[34:37] Rapid fire five questions

[38:06] How to reach Ryan

[38:30] Outro

Founding the Soul of Yoga

Stanley’s first entrepreneurial venture was the Soul of Yoga. The decision to dive into this business stemmed from his personal connection to yoga and its impact on his life. The studio he frequented faced financial difficulties, which led him to leverage his corporate experience in restructuring and turnaround to save and own it. He saw this opportunity as a valuable learning experience, regardless of the outcome.

Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Ryan discussed the challenges of transitioning from the corporate world, where resources and support teams are abundant, to entrepreneurship, where one often handles multiple roles. He emphasized the importance of relying on previous corporate experiences while also embracing the hands-on approach required in running a small business.

Embracing Inner Knowing and Analytics

Stanley highlighted his evolution in decision-making, shifting from solely relying on analytics to incorporating inner knowing and intuition. This balanced approach has been instrumental in his success, allowing him to assess opportunities with a combination of gut feeling and analytical reasoning.

Expansion into Sacred Sound of the Soul

Following his success with the Soul of Yoga, Ryan ventured into a unique business, Sacred Sound of the Soul, selling sound bowls used in sound healing and meditation. Despite initial hesitations due to the high-risk nature of retail, his growing personal passion and positive market response led him to embrace this new venture.

High-Value Sales and Growth

Sacred Sound of the Soul witnessed remarkable sales, with average costs for a bowl ranging from a few thousand to twenty-five thousand dollars. This venture brought Ryan into new experiences, such as producing a record with a Grammy-nominated artist, showcasing his versatility and willingness to explore new fields.

Involvement in TDF™ Test

Stanley is also involved in revitalizing TDF™ Test (formerly TDF International), a personality patterning tool used in corporate settings. His role involves adapting the company’s offerings to the current market, focusing on e-learning and licensing opportunities. He acknowledged the need for partnership to take this business to the next level.

Future Endeavors and Reflections

Ryan is open to expanding his existing ventures, particularly through franchising or finding partners with complementary skills. He stressed the importance of setting clear criteria for expansion, ensuring that foundational elements are in place before taking new steps.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Ryan Stanley’s journey highlights several key lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Leverage corporate experiences in entrepreneurship.
  • Balance analytics with intuition in decision-making.
  • Embrace personal passions and align them with business ventures.
  • Be open to new opportunities, yet cautious and strategic about expansion.

Ryan Stanley’s multifaceted entrepreneurial journey serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the potential of transforming personal passions into successful business ventures while maintaining a practical and strategic approach.

Connect with Ryan

To connect with Ryan Stanley or learn more about his businesses, visit the following websites:

Website: https://tdftest.com/

Website: https://soulofyoga.com/

Website: https://sacredsoundofthesoul.com/

For more insights, Ryan can also be reached via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanstanley001/

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