Episode 14: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: The Story of Trent Stonehouse and Remote CEOs

Welcome to another insightful edition of the “Grow Your Damn Business” podcast. In this episode, host Scott Goodrich converses with Trent Stonehouse, the founder and CEO of Remote CEOs. They delve into Trent’s entrepreneurial journey, the birth of Remote CEOs, the importance of systems and processes, and much more. Here’s a comprehensive encapsulation of the wisdom shared, transforming their vibrant conversation into actionable insights.

Episode Highlights

[0:00] Intro

[1:51] Importance of systems and processes in running a successful business

[8:50] Transition from marketing agency to Remote CEO Academy

[11:42] Importance of having the right people and delegating

[16:59] Identifying and removing bottlenecks

[20:06] Working with solopreneurs in the States

[23:42] Narrowing clientele vs. expanding

[27:30] The power of cold emails and building an email list

[29:39] Five rapid-fire questions

[31:58] Outro

The Genesis of Remote CEOs

Trent Stonehouse’s journey is one of resilience and innovation. Starting from a challenging position with a failed startup and significant debt, Trent built a seven-figure digital marketing agency, Verst Look. His experiences with various entrepreneurs and industries highlighted a common issue – the lack of effective systems and the inability to leverage time and resources effectively. Recognizing this gap, Trent founded Remote CEOs Academy to help solopreneurs identify bottlenecks, scale their businesses, and work towards removing themselves from daily operations that hinder growth.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Trent’s story reflects the essence of entrepreneurship – the ability to rise from setbacks and transform challenges into opportunities. With a background significantly different from the business world, being from a family of longshoremen, Trent was initially set on a similar path. However, an insightful comment from a foreman and his intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit led him down a different route. He embraced his passion for technology and content creation, which eventually paved the way for his ventures.

Learning from Failures

Discussing the early days of his digital marketing agency, Trent highlights the importance of learning from failures. The rapid success and subsequent collapse of his startup due to scaling too quickly without the proper systems in place were a significant lesson. It taught him the value of going slow, ensuring adequate systems are in place, and preparing for growth. This lesson became a cornerstone of his approach in Remote CEOs Academy.

Delegating and Elevating

A pivotal moment in Trent’s journey was understanding the power of delegation. By identifying tasks that didn’t come naturally or he wasn’t strong in, he focused on his strengths and delegated the rest. This strategy allowed him to concentrate on high-level activities that truly mattered, such as creating content and building relationships. His approach is a testament to the mantra “delegate and elevate to your unique ability.”

Identifying and Removing Bottlenecks

Remote CEOs Academy is all about identifying the bottlenecks in a business and systematically addressing them. Trent emphasizes that often, the entrepreneur is the bottleneck. By building a client acquisition system and removing the entrepreneur from daily operations that aren’t their strength, the academy aims to facilitate growth and efficiency.

The Power of Niche

Trent underscores the importance of narrowing down your target audience and specializing in a niche. He shares that not doing so earlier in his agency was a pain point that caused chaos and inefficiency. Focusing on a specific niche allows for clearer messaging, better systems, and ultimately, a more streamlined and successful business.

What’s Next for Trent and Remote CEOs

As Remote CEOs continues to grow, Trent is focusing on expanding his reach through podcasts, speaking events, and creating an Evergreen webinar. He’s also exploring tools like instantly.ai to optimize cold email outreach and improve client acquisition. His journey is a continuous learning process, and he’s always on the lookout for ways to enhance his offerings and impact.


Trent Stonehouse’s journey from overcoming a failed startup to establishing a successful digital marketing agency and Remote CEOs Academy is a tale of resilience, continuous learning, and the relentless pursuit of improvement. His insights into delegation, systemizing operations, and focusing on a niche offer valuable lessons for any entrepreneur looking to grow their damn business.

For those inspired by Trent’s story and seeking to take their business to the next level, consider exploring what Remote CEOs Academy has to offer. Connect with Trent Stonehouse directly, visit Remote CEOs Academy, or find him on LinkedIn. Remember, identifying your bottlenecks and leveraging your strengths are key steps on the path to growth and success.

Connect with Trent

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/trentstonehouse

Website: https://remoteceos.academy/

Website: https://www.versedlook.com/

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