Episode 16: Mastering Delegation and Building Lifestyle-Centric Businesses

Episode Highlights

[0:00] Intro

[1:23] Joe’s drive for wealth and freedom

[5:11] Level Nine Virtual: Building a business run by virtual assistants

[8:25] Lessons learned from previous business ventures

[13:28] Transitioning into marketing and starting an agency

[15:21] From the startup space to veteran communities, and shutting down their agency

[19:25] Growing the team at Level 9 Virtual

[22:20] Documenting processes for scalability and repetition

[24:54] KPIs and metrics

[27:00] Investing in real estate for financial security

[30:26] The value of delegation and taking time to think and reflect

[32:13] Rapid-fire questions

[33:53] Where to connect with Joe

[34:16] Outro

About Joe Rare

Joe Rare is the owner and CEO of Level 9 Virtual and Wedding Booking System. He hired his first VA in November of 2008. Fast forward 13 years and Level 9 Virtual is creating freedom in the lives of business owners all over the world. His businesses demand less than 10 hours of his attention per month, yet yield an astounding eight-figure annual revenue.

Joe believes that it’s not enough just to outsource some projects. They are changing lives by giving business owners their family time back, allowing them to enjoy their business and focus on growth.

Connect with Joe

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joerare/

Website: https://www.joerare.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/joerare

Email: joe@joerare.com

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Meet our Host

Scott has an entrepreneurial spirit that’s been burning since his teenage years. Back then, he was mowing lawns, managing paper routes, and selling greeting cards door to door – always finding different ways to put some cash in his pocket! After graduating college, Scott had a successful career in sales and operations leadership, but his desire to be a business owner was never far from his heart. Seven years ago, he and his wife, Jenn, took the plunge and started their own business. Like many others, they spent all their time on the struggle bus – dealing with cash flow, payroll, and questioning whether their doors could even stay open. Ultimately, they persevered and learned some incredibly valuable lessons along the way.

Now, Scott is dedicated to helping others avoid the pitfalls he faced, fulfilling his purpose as a coach, and helping owners and teams achieve their dreams. When he’s not guiding businesses toward success, Scott can be found hitting the gym, on the golf course, or racking up miles on his Peloton.

As an EOS Implementer, Scott is passionate about helping business owners build a solid foundation and clear vision, empowering them to achieve growth, balance, and financial freedom – all while enjoying the ride.

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