Episode 25: Embracing Challenges and Pioneering Change: The Inspiring Story of Rachel King


Journeys of resilience and innovation are what define the entrepreneurial spirit. In this episode of the “Grow Your Damn Business” podcast, host Scott Goodrich delves into the inspiring story of Rachel King, a veteran, lawyer, and the driving force behind King Law Firm. Her path from the military to legal expertise exemplifies a blend of determination, adaptability, and visionary leadership.

Episode Highlights:

[1:20] Deciding to join the military

[2:59] What influenced her decision

[7:28] Transitioning to law

[10:00] Prioritizing family and opening a new firm

[12:17] Creating a team and delegating

[18:21] Training and deployment timelines for new hires

[20:57] Challenges of being the boss

[26:03] Hiring her mom

[31:59] Five essential resources in litigation

[35:50] Five quick questions

[39:30] Where can you learn more about Rachel

[40:01] Outro

From Military Discipline to Legal Acumen

Rachel’s early life decision to join the military, a path not traditionally taken in her family, set the stage for a life of unexpected turns and bold choices. Her military experience, though initially unplanned, shaped her with discipline and self-awareness, which later became vital in her legal career.

Transitioning to Law: A Call to Serve and Lead

After her military tenure, Rachel embarked on a journey in law, a field familiar to her through her family. Yet, her approach to practicing law was anything but traditional. Driven by a desire to redefine legal practice, she bravely set up her own firm, King Law. This decision was fueled by a commitment to balance her professional aspirations with her role as a mother and a wife.

Building King Law: A Blend of Passion and Pragmatism

Rachel’s approach to growing her law firm was both strategic and personal. She initially handled all aspects of her firm before making crucial hires. Her first hires were pivotal, marking the beginning of the firm’s expansion. However, learning from experiences, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining professional boundaries in workplace relationships.

The Big Five of Litigation: Rachel’s Innovative Approach

Rachel shares her unique approach to litigation, emphasizing the ‘Big Five’ resources – facts, money, time, goals, and emotional stamina. She advocates for a dynamic reassessment of these factors throughout the litigation process, ensuring strategies align with clients’ evolving needs.

Vision for the Future: Expanding Expertise and Influence

Looking ahead, Rachel aims to refine her litigation skills and solidify her status as an expert in her field. Her goal is to demonstrate how her ‘Big Five’ approach can not only benefit clients but also enhance the practice of law itself.

Final Thoughts and Connect with Rachel King

Rachel King’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, strategic planning, and the courage to forge one’s path. Her story is an inspiration to anyone navigating the complexities of career change, entrepreneurship, and striking a balance between professional growth and personal fulfillment.

To learn more about Rachel King and her innovative approach to law, visit her website at Rachel King Attorney and connect with her on social media at @TheLawyerKing.

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