Episode 28: Unleashing Potential: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Trevor White


Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is akin to setting sail in uncharted waters. The route is filled with tumultuous storms and unforeseeable obstacles, but it also promises the treasure of personal and professional growth. This is the tale of Trevor White, a man whose journey delves deep into the rousing waters of entrepreneurship.

Episode Highlights:

(0:00) Intro

(1:38) Trevor’s background

(4:41) First entrepreneurial journey

(7:25) Trevor’s first all-in move

(15:52) How he is sharing his story with others

(23:07) How Trevr restarted his life

(28:00) Train yourself to get the right mindset

(35:09) What Trevor is doing now

(46:10) How to connect with Trevor

(47:01) Outro

From Lawn Mowing to Leading: Trevor’s Genesis

It all began in the lawns of adversity, where young Trevor, raised in abject poverty, realized the currency of hard work. At just 10, he ventured into business, not out of passion but out of necessity, mowing lawns for $5 while paying his friends $4, truly an early lesson in profit margins.

The Mortgage Industry: A Playground for Growth

Trevor’s entrepreneurial spirit took a significant leap when he entered the mortgage industry. Despite a rocky start and zero credibility as a young newcomer, he persevered. His drive not only helped him survive but thrive, leading to success substantial enough to consider going all in. The pivotal moment? A $10,000 paycheck that served both as a promise and a testament to his potential. It was boldness personified— a decision to take the entrepreneurial plunge.

Downfall and Discovery: The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

Trevor’s ascent was steep, but so was his fall. At the peak of his enterprise, tragedy struck— the loss of his son and the crumbling of his empire. Yet, it was within this crucible of despair that the true entrepreneur in Trevor emerged. It was no longer about monetary success; it was about building a life of meaning and substance. By reflecting inward, Trevor rediscovered his path.

Pivot: A Company Carved from Experience

Today, Trevor stands at the helm of Pivot, a company that epitomizes his entrepreneurial ethos. Pivot isn’t just a coaching enterprise; it’s a crucible for transformation. Here, Trevor helps others identify those critical junctures in their businesses and lives, encouraging bold moves built on the foundation of self-awareness.

Four Pillars to a Fulfilled Entrepreneur

Trevor’s methodology hinges on nurturing four critical domains: body, being, balance, and business. It’s not a pursuit of success in isolation but a harmonious orchestration of life’s many facets. By cultivating physical health, inner peace, relationship harmony, and business acumen, Trevor advocates for a holistic approach to personal and entrepreneurial prosperity.

Trevor White’s Mantra for Success

One quote embodies Trevor’s outlook: “How bold are you willing to be to live the life that you love?” It’s a call to action for anyone trapped in the inertia of apprehension, a beacon guiding through the fog of fear towards the shores of their dreams.

The Invitation to Grow

Trevor’s story is a catalyst for the aspiring entrepreneur within us all. It’s a vivid illustration that while business concepts are important, the entrepreneur’s journey is deeply personal. It’s about braving the storms and sailing for the horizon with unwavering hope.

For those yearning to steer their ships toward unexplored success, you can connect with Trevor through social media or visit his website for an infusion of his invigorating ethos.

Website: https://www.powerthepivot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trevor.white.735/

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