Episode 29: Embrace the Climb: Jenn Drummond’s Ascent to Empowerment


Amid struggles and the hustle of daily life, sometimes it takes a life-changing event to remind us to truly live. Jenn Drummond’s journey, shared on the “Grow Your Damn Business” podcast is one of resilience, empowerment, and the pursuit of unimaginable heights—both figuratively and literally.

Episode Highlights:

(2:02) Jenn’s history

(4:02) The year of the bucket list

(8:02) Taking on Mt. Everest

(14:05) Coming full circle

(19:47) Questioning your “why”

(22:00) Everybody has an Everest

(28:48) Another lens

(35:00) Five fast questions

(37:53) Where to find Jenn

(38:30) Outro

The Catalyst of Change: When an Accident Becomes a Wake-Up Call

Before 2018, Jenn led a life many might envy; a business owner and mother of seven, she had achieved substantial societal success. But an epiphany descended in the aftermath of a life-threatening car crash that should have been fatal. The realization that life’s tenure was not in her control led to an awakening—she resolved to live fully, not someday, but now.

The Bucket List Year: A Rediscovery of Self

2019 for Jenn was transformative. It began with listing everything she’d longed to experience. From tasting new cuisines to indulging in thrilling adventures—each item scratched off her bucket list was a step further from fear and closer to living without reservations. The year became a crusade against the ticking clock and societal expectations, a quest to appreciate every moment gifted to her.

Facing Everest: The Epiphany on the Mountain

Initially, Jenn aimed to scale Mount Amma Dablam for her 40th birthday. However, a whimsical challenge from her son shifted her trajectory toward Everest. It wasn’t about conquering the mountain but proving a point—that every one of us can overcome our personal Everests, be they physical summits or metaphorical challenges.

Jenn didn’t just climb Everest; her journey became a communal triumph, encapsulated in an inspiring school campaign, “What’s Your Everest?” Through interactions from base camp, she transformed a personal goal into a collective educational experience.

Beyond Everest: The Seven Second Summits

A casual mention of a possible world record spiraled into Jenn’s next audacious adventure. Her coach proposed the idea of being the first female to climb the seven second-highest summits on every continent. It aligned perfectly—seven summits for seven continents and seven children. After careful deliberation, Jenn embraced the challenge.

The Power of Perspective: Seeing Through a Different Lens

In a candid reflection, Jenn shares a pivotal moment during her ascent of Mount Logan. The pink lens on her goggles painted a grueling storm as a whimsical cotton candy adventure. It served as a powerful metaphor—the lens through which we view life’s trials can transform our entire experience. This shift in perspective is what allows us to continue, to persist amidst adversity.

Failure, Success, and Resilience Interwoven

Jenn addresses the inevitability of failure; it’s part and parcel of the journey. She shares her K2 experience, where the heartbreaking decision to descend following a team tragedy reframed her view of failure. It became a triumph of human connection over solitary success—a valuable lesson for her children and everyone aspiring to grow.

Live While You’re Alive: The Jenn Drummond Mantra

In a nutshell, Jenn’s message is simple yet profound—live while you’re alive. It’s not just reaching the peak but savoring the ascent, learning from the falls, and enjoying each plateau. Jenn Drummond’s narrative is a powerful reminder that personal growth and business development are not mutually exclusive; they are intricately interwoven tapestries of our lives.

For those seeking guidance or inspiration, Jenn Drummond can be contacted through her social media platforms or her website.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenn-drummond/

Website: http://www.jenndrummond.com/

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