Episode 32: Crafting the Perfect Match in Leadership with Max Hansen


On the “Grow Your Damn Business” podcast, we often unravel tales of business innovation and entrepreneurship. In this episode, host Scott Goodrich introduces us to Max Hansen, a game-changer in the executive recruitment industry and CEO of Y Scouts, a purpose-based leadership search firm. What follows is an engaging narrative of Hansen’s evolution from a career recruiter to the architect of a company that’s redefining talent acquisition at the highest levels.

Episode Highlights:

(0:00) Intro

(1:25) A brief history of Max and Y Scouts

(8:36) His entrepreneurial spirit

(10:21) Values mismatch

(12:37) Challenges that he faced

(15:59) Wins that were the catalyst

(20:25) Working on the vision

(26:39) The birth of Y Scouts

(35:04) Idea that allowed for growth

(39:32) Relentless earner vs. know-it-all

(41:11) The future of Y Scouts

(43:56) Five fast questions

(47:26) How to connect with Max

(48:12) Outro

From Traditional Recruiting to Revolutionary Vision

Hansen’s foray into the recruiting world began in 1998, giving him a front-row seat at witnessing the hiring processes of countless organizations. Over the years, he observed a recurring gap: a focus on qualifications over cultural fit. Determined to fill this void, Hansen co-founded Y Scouts in 2012, pivoting towards a model that puts purpose and values at the forefront of executive searches. But the journey to Y Scouts was far from linear.

The Genesis of Change Amidst Adversity

The wake of 9/11 presented a challenging climate for any business, let alone a new venture in staffing. As companies grappled with uncertainty, Hansen launched Job Brokers, which filled an astounding 50,000 positions. Despite such rapid expansion and success, a sense of purposelessness began to take root within him.

The Awakening to Purpose-Driven Hiring

Recruiting on a contract basis began to weigh heavily on Hansen. The perpetual cycle of turnover and replaceable positions took a toll on his ambitions. This, coupled with growing receivables and workplace risks, led to an epiphany — Hansen craved to make a meaningful difference. He wanted to help companies ingrain purpose, culture, and values into the roles they created, entwining career aspirations with organizational missions.

The Y Scouts Model: Transforming Executive Searches

Y Scouts emerged as the beacon of Hansen’s newly ignited passion for aligning leaders with organizations on a much deeper level than mere capability. The firm prioritizes soft skills and cultural alignment alongside professional competencies. It’s an innovative approach that avoids traditional job postings and instead, embarks on uncovering the authentic selves of potential leaders.

The Wins That Fueled the Fire

Recalling the triumphs of Job Brokers, Hansen shares anecdotes that epitomize the perseverance and ingenuity that laid the groundwork for Y Scouts. From securing crucial roles under the shadow of the freeway to aiding in the A380’s evacuation systems, these wins validated his dedication to the industry and affirmed the potential for his unique approach.

The Future of Y Scouts: Pioneering Tools for Purposeful Hiring

Looking ahead, Hansen envisages an evolution brimming with technological tools that streamline and enhance the executive search process. While Y Scouts currently excels at uniting visionary leaders with compatible companies, the next phase might feature products that empower organizations to navigate their own hiring, perhaps even tapping into the realm of complimentary offerings.

Max Hansen’s Resonating Adage

Max Hansen leaves us with an adage that beautifully mirrors his life and business philosophy: “How you do anything is how you do everything.” It’s a call to cultivate habits, chase fitness, and balance professional endeavors with personal care – a mantra for creating a life brimming with intention and achievement.

Website: https://yscouts.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxhansen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mhansen44

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mhansen44

Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/maxhansen44

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