Episode 33: Navigating Success and Adaptation in Business: The Story of Shield Advisory Group


On the latest episode of “Grow Your Damn Business” podcast, host Scott Goodrich invites Matthew Meier and Louis RosaBianca of Shield Advisory Group to share their insights on perseverance, adaptation, and growth in the ever-evolving world of business.

Episode Highlights:

(0:00) Intro

(1:52) Matt’s journey and time at Wall Street

(5:17) Luigi’s story and how he connected with Matt

(7:49) Brutal honesty in their partnership

(10:45) The genesis of their business

(13:01) Toughest roadblocks

(17:25) Letting go and delegating

(20:52) Paying the fee

(27:17) Scaling your business

(31:35) Five fast questions

(40:32) Outro

Harnessing Wall Street Grit for Entrepreneurial Growth

Matthew Meier, the CEO of Shield Advisory Group, recounts his unconventional journey from barely graduating high school to becoming a Wall Street powerhouse. His relentless dedication, shaped by the necessity to succeed without a safety net, propelled him to build a formidable career in finance. In 2015, after parting ways with his investment bank, Matthew channeled his Wall Street acumen into the small business lending space, a decision that would pivot once again in the wake of 2020’s unpredictability.

Louis RosaBianca: The Legal Anchor to an Entrepreneurial Vision

Alongside Matthew, Louis RosaBianca, brought up in a family valuing education as the passport to success, complements the partnership with his legal expertise and shared entrepreneurial spirit. The duo’s dynamic displays a synergy where Louis’s steadfastness perfectly balances Matthew’s enterprising vigor – a partnership built on mutual respect and recognition of each one’s unique talents.

The Genesis of Shield Advisory Group

In the crucible of a global pandemic, Matthew and Louis recognized that small businesses needed more than just financial injections; they needed a path to sustainability. Shield Advisory Group was conceived with a mission to equip small business owners with the same caliber of resources and guidance that behemoths in the industry seamlessly access.

Confronting Roadblocks with Strategic Delegation

As Shield Advisory Group grew, Matthew and Louis faced the common entrepreneurial dilemma of scaling without losing strategic focus. Embracing delegation without prematurely relinquishing control proved vital. They highlight the importance for entrepreneurs of understanding each aspect of their operation before handing over the reins, a notion that acknowledges the often premature eagerness of entrepreneurs to step back.

Embracing Technological Evolution in Business Practices

Peering into the future, Matthew emphasizes the inevitable shift toward an investment-focused society. Predicated on this vision, he advocates for technological integration and the development of AI-driven platforms that can replicate Shield Advisory Group’s expertise, expanding their reach and impact.

The Dichotomy of Entrepreneurial Mindsets

In discussing the philosophy behind their book “Buying the American Dream,” Matthew and Louis present a vision where the ownership of a business stands as the cornerstone of modern investment. They debate the age-old question – are entrepreneurs born or made? – with Matthew alluding to entrepreneurialism as a response to an evolving job landscape, where job security dissipates and owning a business presents a steadfast means to control one’s financial destiny.

The Resonating Mantras of Two Visionaries

The duo parts with words of wisdom: Louis finds inspiration in Winston Churchill’s nuanced take on liberalism and conservatism, while Matthew clings to Teddy Roosevelt’s “The Man in the Arena,” a testament to being daring and persevering despite adversity.

Listeners seeking to understand the entrepreneurial journey, replete with its challenges and triumphs, will find valuable lessons in this episode of the “Grow Your Damn Business” podcast. Featuring conversational gems with Matthew Meier and Louis RosaBianca of Shield Advisory Group, the podcast serves as a beacon for anyone navigating the turbulent waters of small business ownership and seeking to grow their venture amidst the shifting tides of the economy.

Reach out to host Scott Goodrich at scott.goodrich@eosworldwide.com.

5 Fast Questions

Matt Meehan: Michael Jordan
Luigi Rosabianca: Juventus

Matt Meehan: Veal Chop
Luigi Rosabianca: Sushi

Matt Meehan: Running with the Bulls in Spain
Luigi Rosabianca: Emerald Coast, Sardinia.

Matt Meehan: Scarface
Luigi Rosabianca: James Bond Movies





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