Episode 6: A Journey of Transformation

On this episode of Grow Your Damn Business!, we have special guest Gatik Chaujer, an expert in business transformation and leadership development. Gatik shares his journey of transformation, starting from 11 years ago when he realized the need to focus on specific areas rather than claiming to be good at everything.

He now centers his work around four pillars

  1. Leadership team alignment
  2. Leadership development
  3. Storytelling
  4. Women professional development

Gatik also discusses the next steps for his business, which include further emphasis on top leadership alignment, storytelling, and diversity and inclusion, especially as they venture into new markets. However, Gatik acknowledges the challenges of adapting to a changing market and admits that he doesn’t have a clear plan yet. Throughout the episode, Gatik opens up about the doubts and challenges he faced while scaling his business. One of the biggest challenges was finding the balance between getting things done and scaling, as he had to let go of tasks he was skilled in and start doing things he wasn’t as comfortable with. He also expresses fear and uncertainty about running the business aspect of scaling, as he was more comfortable with the training side.


[00:01:50] Overcoming fear of public speaking and transformation.

[00:06:20] Overcoming fear with determination and hard work.

[00:12:23] Progressive career growth leads to complacency.

[00:14:04] Distanced from purpose leads to frustration.

[00:18:46] The beginning of the journey met with focus, growth, decision points, and temptation.

[00:20:35] Challenges faced when scaling a business.

[00:25:47] Entrepreneur loses focus, seeks guidance, then grows.

[00:29:12] Focusing on the 4 pillars of transformation.

[00:31:52] “Get good, challenge yourself, love it.”

[00:35:36] Discover purpose through passion.

About Gatik Chaujer

Experiment with your Passions, to discover your Purpose in Life” – this is Gatik’s key mantra that he truly lives by. A passionate facilitator, coach & keynote speaker, with 20 years of training and coaching experience, his own journey is a story worth listening to! The son of an Air Force Pilot and a School Teacher – a lot of what Gatik does today comes from his experiences as a teenager – forming his initial foundation of the work that we was set out to do. With a deep desire to enable and serve people – Gatik chose facilitation, coaching and speaking as his tools to create a difference in the world.

Driven by his mission to transform a million lives, Gatik’s uniqueness lies in his inane ability to connect, spontaneously share, be mindfully present and bring humour to his sessions! Gatik is not just a brilliant storyteller but also a highly sought after storytelling coach – for speakers, leaders and marketers of the world’s leading organizations including Google, Adobe, EY, McKinsey and man more.

With numerous industry awards including the “Most Talented Training Leader” and the

recognition of being on the Cover of a leading magazine, Gatik has created a unique niche

for himself as a speaker, motivator and facilitator. He is a true ambassador of TransforMe’s

Inside-Out philosophy and has sharpened his skills through various certifications and learnings

varied methodologies to enable transformation including T-Groups, NLP, Storytelling and also

his personal practices of Transcendental Meditation and Bowen Therapy.

A multi-faceted personality – Gatik’s many passions, coupled with his rich experience as a

global facilitator and coach are what he is able to beautifully weave into his sessions to

create an environment that is inspiring, engaging and motivating!

Connect with Gatik Chaujer

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/storytellingcoach/?originalSubdomain=au
Website: https://www.transformelearning.com/about_us

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"Experiment with your Passions until you discover your Purpose"





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