Episode 9: Embarking on the Entrepreneurial Path

On the “Grow Your Damn Business” podcast, host Scott Goodrich engages in a thought-provoking dialogue with Pete Sena, the co-founder of Think Forward and founder of Digital Surgeons. This episode dives into Pete’s unique journey, highlighting the essence of entrepreneurship, the power of creativity, and the significance of embracing curiosity.

What You Will Discover:

[01:15] Introverted kid turned entrepreneur that spread creativity and curiosity.

[03:03] Internet student turns code into cool shit.

[07:10] Dreams of tech, rebel against the traditional path.

[11:21] First hire was a childhood friend. Hard deadlines. Found a talented coder friend. Becoming a partnership, and later hiring led to a financial awakening moment.

[14:00] Belief and sales skills saved the failing company.

[20:46] Rocky metaphor, underdog spirit, close friendship.

[23:45] Creativity and curiosity lead to success and fulfillment.

[31:24] Building stealth startup, using AI for creativity.

[34:09] Classic jobs may not be fulfilling for you.

The Genesis of Digital Surgeons

Pete’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident early in his college years. With a deep interest in design and technology, he started his first venture from his dorm room. This step marked the beginning of Digital Surgeons, a digital agency that would later become a notable success in the industry. The inception of this enterprise was a blend of Pete’s coding prowess and his innate ability to identify and capitalize on digital trends.

Navigating the Waters of Business

The journey was far from smooth. Pete recounts the roller-coaster experience of entrepreneurship – moments of doubt, financial challenges, and the constant battle between perseverance and uncertainty. A significant turning point was his partnership with David Salinas, which transformed Digital Surgeons from a solo endeavor to a full-fledged digital agency.

Critical Turning Points:

  1. Employee Responsibilities: Hiring his first employees and feeling the weight of their livelihoods.
  2. Financial Challenges: Facing moments of potential financial collapse and finding ways to survive.
  3. Partnership with David Salinas: This alliance brought new energy, complementary skills, and a shared vision, pivotal in scaling the business.

The Philosophy of Creativity and Curiosity

Pete passionately advocates for the importance of creativity and curiosity in business and life. He observes that most people, especially adults, lose touch with their creative and curious selves, leading to a monotonous, less fulfilling life. Pete emphasizes that creativity is not confined to artistic pursuits; it’s a mindset that can be applied in any field, from coding to accounting.

Creativity as a Differentiator:

  • Unlocking Potential: Creativity stimulates the brain, leading to innovative solutions and enhanced problem-solving skills.
  • Facing Automation and AI: In an era where AI and automation are prevalent, creativity stands as a human competitive advantage.

Looking Ahead: A New Venture

Pete is currently focused on a new startup, inspired by the intersection of human ingenuity and AI. Drawing parallels with Tony Stark’s AI in Iron Man, Pete aims to develop tools that enhance human creativity and productivity, ultimately contributing to a more fulfilling life.


Pete Sena’s story on the “Grow Your Damn Business” podcast is a testament to the power of entrepreneurial spirit, the importance of creativity and curiosity, and the resilience required to navigate the turbulent waters of business. His journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a reminder that creativity is a crucial component of success in any endeavor.

Connect with Peter:

For more insights from Pete Sena and to explore the intersection of creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship, visit:

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